A typical puppet show:

  • Live Music: A musical introduction begins most puppet shows, and sing along songs and participatory songs are selected for the Puppetpaloozy as well. Concerts include Diane playing guitar or drum, with recorded back up for some song selections. Some shows incorporate sing-alongs.
  • Workshops with the show:  Most shows may be combined with a puppet making workshop.  “Build a Fairy House” workshop offered for summer reading program 2017.
  • Styles of Puppets:  Some shows, such as “The Hungry Caterpillar”, use hand and rod puppets.  Shadow Puppet/Hand puppet combination shows: “Pirates and Tales of the Sea” (How the Whale Got His Throat & the Little Mermaid and the Pirate); and “Build a Better World, Build a House”. The shadow puppets work well for under the sea scenes as well as for build a house and chase scenes.
  • Fees: Click on “Book a Show” for basic pricing information, call or email me: diane at to discuss your budget.  NH Summer Reading 2017 show fee – NH library see roster information.
  • Outdoor Shows:  Diane does occasional outdoor puppet shows but requires plan B if weather is inclement, rainy, windy. Diane uses a rolling cart to transport her puppets, stage and sound and requires handicap accessible loading and unloading.
  • Load In, Load Out:  Time for setting up a portable puppet theatre is about 60 minutes or longer – depends on the show – to load in and set up, 45 mins. or more to pack up. Less time needed if small sound system, small stage or a “no stage” option such as the variety show, close proximity to the parking lot is also a factor.  I use a rolling cart to transport items to the performance area.
  • Technical Requirements:  A 3 prong outlet to plug in my sound system (usually standard now, but some historical buildings may need an adaptor).  Portable theater works best if in front of a windowless wall (or windows have shades/blinds to darken),  audience will face the puppet theater.  Please contact me for questions and if you have limited performance space.
  • Currently booking: Call me! 603-315-3083

What are the shows? Check the list below!

Music or Variety Shows – Adults, families, kidsimg_3573

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Variety of options available – call or email for more information!  I play a variety of musical styles, can also bring simple rhythm instruments for folks to play, have recorded two children’s music CD’s, and two bluegrass music CD’s with my band. I’m currently working on a jazz/swing project – stay tuned!!   Also, I regularly play music with adults who have developmental disabilities, seniors with rehabilitation needs, dementia, and folks with special needs.  I am a retired registered nurse with over 25 years experience in psychiatric nursing and home care nursing.

Pictured with my husband – musical duo called “Late Night Radio”.  Call for details:  603-315-3083.

Review: Maureen Johnston, AD, Pleasant Valley Nursing Home, Derry, NH: I am so happy to have the pleasure of writing about Diane’s show.  She is one of the most entertaining people that I have ever met.  The show is so unique and helps my residents to remember the good old days.  Diane uses puppets and is so interactive with the residents.  It is wonderful to see my residents smiling and laughing.  And they all stay awake, too!  Invite her to your facility and prepare to have an awesome time!”

Puppet shows:


 Participants create their own Fairy and fairy house pictured using mostly recycled materials; this is for children over age 4 with parent/adult assistance.

Call or email and ask for details: 603-315-3083

Fairy House

  • Especially for libraries – elementary age,  family audiences.
  • Need tables for participants to work


monkey for website










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45 minute show, 3 stories: The Monkey and the Crocodile, Who’s in Rabbit’s House, and The Fox in the Well.

Full description: Children from tots to teens and their families will cheer on, laugh with, help out the puppets as they learn the lessons of each fable. The stories are presented with lots of fun, laughs, audience participation.  Call for details:  603-315-3083.

Accompanying workshop available! Participants create their own tortoise and hare rod puppet racers to make and take home. Call and ask for details: 603-315-3083

  • Fun for day cares, schools, preschoolers – elementary age,  family audiences.
  • Birthdays, classroom performance, libraries, preschools, theatre venues and more. Adapts well for small performance spaces. Hand puppets are used in this show.
  • Curriculum links and Common core standards:  Different versions of folktales, Theatre arts, music, literature, folktales around the world.  (I make all the puppets – shadow and/or hand puppet workshops available)
  • Recorded music, audience participation, one person show.
  • Stage specs: Smaller booth style puppet stage, stage is about 5 ft. square, for small groups less than 150 or so.

Review: Michelle Hovey, Wendy Carlson,  South Grafton Elementary School:
“Thank you for coming to our elementary school. The kindergarteners enjoyed themselves thoroughly, laughed and applauded at the Fables that you presented.  It was a wonderful part of our day.  The teachers agreed with the kids and enjoyed your show very much.  We will keep you in mind for next year as well, it was a pleasure!!”

pirate puppet - diane kordas puppet shows

Pirates and Tales of the Sea! Book now for September talk like a Pirate Day!

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45 minute show, 3 stories: Pirate Long John Silver and his parrot, Flint find a sea chest full of stories, “How the Whale Got His Throat” (R. Kipling), “A Little Mermaid”(H.C. Andersen), and “Ocean Born Mary”(New England Pirate folklore).

As a 30 minute Shadow Puppet show, 2 stories: “How the Whale Got His Throat” and “The Little Mermaid”.

Tales are told with a twist (common core standard), using a combination of hand and shadow puppets. The story of “Ocean Born Mary”, the NH pirate legend, is told with hand puppets (pictured), lots of laughs and audience participation and yo ho ho!

  • Best for ages 3 -10.
  • Length of show options: either as 45 min or 30 min show.
  • Great for preschools and libraries, may be combined with a “playshop”, please call for pricing.
  • Curriculum links: Common core standards- different versions of well known stories, ocean habitat and ocean creatures – fish vs. mammals,  history/immigration (Ocean Born Mary), literature (Kipling), folklore, music and theatre arts. Hand puppets and shadow puppets are used. (I make all the puppets – shadow and/or hand puppet workshops available).
  • Stage specs: Stage 5′ x 5′, 6′ depth, props, lighting, max. audience size about 150.
  • Live music, audience participation, 1 person show.

Review: Parent, Merrimack Valley Montessori School: “I would like to say thank you for visiting Merrimack Valley Montessori School. Your show was well received by the students and the staff.The teachers had the kids make their own shadow puppets. Truly inspirational for teachers as well as the children.”

Hungry Caterpillar and Forest Folktales

caterpillar puppet - diane kordas

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HUNGRY CATERPILLAR AND FOREST FOLKTALES: 3 stories included in one show! “The Bear and the Beehive”, an Aesop’s Fable; “Fox in the Well”  OR “The Rabbit and the Moon”, a folktale from many cultures including India and Asia; and the “Hungry Caterpillar”, the metamorphosis of a butterfly. Carlos the Caterpillar eats healthy, grows big and strong, makes a chrysalis and … well you know what happens!

Created for tots to 2nd grade.

  • Length of show: 45 min. – 3 stories OR 30 min. – 2 stories. Specify which you would like.
  • For schools, libraries, daycares/preschools, theatre venues.
  • Common core standard – different versions of well known stories, earth science – hatching butterfly, how plants grow, bees and hive, Aesop’s fable, tales from around the globe.
  • Teacher packet available, curriculum links/common core standards: science, literature, folklore, music and theatre arts.  (I make all the puppets – shadow and/or hand puppet workshops available)
  • Stage specs: Either on a small 5 foot square booth stage, or for larger venues on a large stage 9 ft. long, 6 ft. high, 6 ft. deep. Larger stage is great for libraries, schools and larger areas. The small stage works well for small preschools, limited performance spaces such as smaller libraries, or birthday parties. Specify which you would like. Hand and rod puppets are used in this show.
  • One person show, live music with audience participation.

Review: Matt Rittenhouse, Tri-Town Times (local newspaper) write up:
“… a puppet show at the Chester Public Library by puppeteer Diane Kordas enthralled her large audience by the three short plays she put on. The kids were laughing and pointing and more than one let out a gasp of shock at a surprise turn of events. Puppeteer Diane Kordas mesmerized the children at her puppet show.”

elves and shoemaker puppets - diane kordas

The Merry Christmas Show

santa reindeer puppets - diane kordas

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45 minutes, small stage only: Three short stories make up this merry Christmas show for holiday fun for the family: “The Bear’s Christmas” – the snow fairy tries to tell bear about Christmas, and bear discovers being with family is the best part! “Santa and The Snowman” – the Abominable snowman who helps Santa on Christmas eve. “The Gingerbread Man” sprints through the Christmas show – where will he be next?

  • Created for all ages, great for families.
  • For libraries, holiday events, daycares, preschools, kindergartens, small venues and small performance spaces and more.
  • Curriculum links: Literature, storytelling, theatre arts.  (I make all the puppets – shadow and/or hand puppet workshops available)
  • Stage specs: Stage (with lights) 5 ft. wide, 4 ft. high, 5 ft. deep, for small groups less than 150.
  • One person show, recorded music with audience participation.

Review: Maria Donati, Nashua Child Learning Center, Nashua, NH: “We just love Diane’s puppet shows. The kids enjoyed the Bear story, Santa and of course the Gingerbread Man. She always has the children participate and really holds their attention.”