Robin’s Notes

Could not figure out the StatCounter plug-in. Installed and activated it, but Bob must have an account for it.

Address on the STORE page is still the Weare address. Diane might want to change that?

Bill Pike has the changes for the header in hand. Expect the new header within a few days.

Changed the way the blue buttons work on the right side to make them web compliant. (The old script we were using for the hovers is no longer compliant.)

Fixed the testimonials on the STORE page.

Removed RealPlayer etc.

Reformatted events on Calendar page.

Added the SuperCache plugin so things load faster. Did not activate it because it will slow Diane down. Can be activated if load times become a problem.

AFTER we go live, Robin needs to:
2) Test all pages to be sure there are no links to romperrhythm (they will break when we go live)